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To Calculate the Number Of Salt Needed

 (1) Identify the number of total gallons of your pool in the Yellow Row in the chart above

 (2) Identify the correct Parts Per Million (PPM) in the "Current Salt Level (ppm)" column in the chart above:

               To locate your current parts per million using your EasyTouch Control Panel:
                    (a) Press Menu
                    (b) Press the "^" button to Diagnostics
                    (c) Press select and "v" to "Chlorinator
                    (d) Screen will display current status and salt content in parts per million (ppm)

(3) Once you have found your current PPM value in the "Current Salt Level (ppm) column, slide over to the value in the cell that intersects with the column containing the value of the POOL VOLUME in gallons of your San Juan Pool

(4) Divide the value in these intersecting cells by the number of pounds per bag (#/bag) of salt you are adding;
        (NOTE: most salt bags are 40 pound bags)

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